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A/A SPOTLIGHT: Alyson Pace

What is your day job?

I work in technology where I focus on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) strategy and Product Management for a 6B business and a team of 24 very talented people.

How many years did you train for your day job?

I’ve been working in tech since 2002. After studying International Relations at UCD, I began my career at HP. I quickly moved to a startup that was then acquired by Cisco and spent about 10 years there prior to leaving for a startup. My company was then acquired by Cisco again.

How old are you?


Interesting tidbit about yourself?

I love building companies and owned a French bakery with my husband when I was in college and also started a mobile bar company three years ago where we restore old horse trailers and turn them into bars.

How do you fit horses into your life?

It’s a challenge with my schedule but it’s what keeps me sane, happy and grounded. I

normally ride in the evenings after work.

How many horses do you have?

I have three, two retired ISH, Brogan and Limerick and my newer ISH, Finnigan, whom I’ve had for 8 months. I also have two mini donkeys, Humphrey and Ferdinand who keep my retiree company. It’s a big herd to care for!


18, 15 and 6




Beginner Novice

Your biggest accomplishment in the ring?

While it may sound silly, my biggest accomplishment was finally learning to gallop cross country properly and finally having smooth rides on my horses. My goal is always to give them the best ride they deserve.


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