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A/A SPOTLIGHT: Cindy Gellersen

What is your day job?

I am a designer, dreamer, and equestrian at heart. I started horseback riding at the age of 15 and it was always my dream to have my own horse. I would imagine galloping in open fields while riding my bicycle. You can say horseback riding has always been the centerpiece of my life. Calling myself a designer has been my childhood dream as well!

How many years did you train for your day job?

I am originally from Leipzig, Germany (the former East), so wanting to become a designer was kind of


I move to LA in January of 2000 to study English at California State University Northridge where I

attended for 9 months before returning to Germany. 2 weeks in, I packed up again to pursue my passion and study Fashion Design. I finished my Masters in Fashion Design and Technology. After school while working as assistant designer, I took the opportunity to move to Paris where I lived for nearly 2 years. I came back to LA in 2005. As a designer you never stop training :) I worked for YMI Jeans for about 2 years then got pregnant with my son Jaden and had to make a decision: Carrier or Mom. At that point, I chose Mom.

I had my second son 2 years later.

How old are you?

HA Ha HA! I don’t keep count! Old enough to have some experience, young enough to still dream big. But, I’m 40ish ;)

How do you fit in riding?

IRiding is essential therapy for me. I limited my riding after the end of my marriage, but felt as if a part of me was missing. When my marriage ended in 2015, I started a new chapter with my new company,

AtelierCG. This was also the time that I made the decision to get my own horse, a 5-year-old OTTB.

It was a bold and scary decision, but one of the best I have made. I simply can’t picture my

life without Khumba.

Now he lives in my backyard with Max, our dog, and 2 kitties.

I ride during my lunch breaks and take Dressage Training with Manuella Osmont Dressage International once a week. I simply make time for what matters.

Interesting tidbit about yourself?

I like animals more than people, and I love sushi.

What is your horse’s name?

His name is Khumba - his race name is Cornwall. He is an 8 year old OTTB.

Your biggest accomplishment in the ring?

I used to show back in Germany, but looking forward showing Khumba in dressage.

Your biggest accomplishment in life?

Following my dream of becoming a designer

Breaking free from an unhealthy marriage.

Having 2 amazing kids I love more than anything and hope to show through my actions that with

unconditional passion and love for life, you can create your dreams!

I once had to made the decision that if I wanted to create an intentional life, I needed to break free from my old life – the life that just happened to me. I made lots of changes, changes that made me Me again. I followed my dream! I started writing “stay strong, don’t let them tame you” as a reminder to myself that NO ONE will ever be able to break my spirit! I won’t allow it.

Stay strong is now tattooed on my wrist and don’t let them tame you is the slogan of my company.

Advice to other Adult Amateurs?

Enjoy the journey :) Be kind and always help if you can.

photo credit: Lori Ovanessian

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