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A/A SPOTLIGHT: Jen Azevedo

What is your day job?

I do web and graphic design specializing in the equine industry.

How many years did you train for your day job?

Seems like forever.

How old are you?

I’m 48.

Interesting tidbit about yourself?

I have a patent in fluid dynamics.

How do you fit horses into your life?

I have made them my life. When they are a part of your soul, you figure it out.

How many horses do you have?

I have one. She is enough :)




Coming 9 in May 2022.





Your biggest accomplishment in the ring?

For me, that I have produced all my horses. When I go in the ring, it is all about what Fara and I have done. All the responsibility lies with me - the grand and the cover your eyes.

Your biggest accomplishment in life?

Figuring out how to stay true to myself.

Advice to other Adult Amateurs?

Be honest about what you want from the sport. Then, don’t apologize for it - go for it. Be proud that you are showing up for this sport when you have an entire life, kids, job, family, etc. outside of the barn. It is a really big deal. Own that.

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