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What is your day job?

I am the founder and CEO of Asmar Equestrian, Noel Asmar Uniforms & As the creative director and CEO, I spend time with various teams, setting vision, art direction, work closely with garment designers and the marketing teams. I have found my sweet spot and have learned that I don’t have to do everything. So, I focus on the things I love to do and do well, and move out of the way for other team members to grow and excel in their areas of strength.

How many years did you train for your day job?

I went to Hotel Management School. Then, I moved overseas and lived in Beirut for ten years before moving back home to BC. At which time, I started our uniforms business. I am a life long learner… always reading (must admit, non-fiction), and have travelled to over 33 countries in the world. A culmination of travel and experiences has taught me empathy, flexibility, respect for other cultures, and different ways of life. By the time I returned to Canada, I was 28 years old and felt like I had just completed a masters in international affairs!

How old are you?

I am about to turn 48 yrs young.

How do you fit horses into your life?

Our horses have been at home with us for the past 12 years. We just lost my majestic

Friesian, Jake in September, which really hit me hard.. He was part of our family, and often the first to greet us when we drove in the driveway. Horses have been a part of our family since we moved into an equestrian community, and I am fortunate to have a business that is focused on equestrians and horses. We have an Asmar Equestrian pop up at Thunderbird Show Park for the season, where we are surrounded by horses and riders for months. I love love love that!

How many horses do you have? Ages? Breed?

Jake lived to a ripe age of 18.5 for a Friesian, that’s a full lifespan. We have had two other Friesians, and today we welcomed a little pony my daughter used to ride named Bentley, to join my daughters pony Chuckles, a German Riding Pony.

Do you or any of your children ride or compete?

Our daughter had her first summer of competitions at Thunderbird Show Park. She started in dressage, but has since gone “to the other side” and is now jumping… and loving it.

Interesting tidbit about yourself?

Born and raised in Canada but moved to Beirut Lebanon when I was 19 for work and stayed nearly ten years… Learned to speak French, Arabic and some Italian – I am a big foodie, love to cook and entertain … known for a meze with friends.

Your biggest accomplishment in life?

Lol- Three children, a farm, running a corporation…. and happily married!! Not sure I would have believed I could have all that in my life! I really attribute this to my hubby being an involved parent and great partner.

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