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BARN: Seating

People love to watch their horse, kids, or significant other ride. Also, sometimes your trainer needs a vantage point...or just a moment to sit down. Here are some reasons why you may want to add arena seating to your facility.

  1. Comfort: Proper seating provides comfort to spectators, allowing them to enjoy the view.

  2. Visibility: Good seating ensures that all spectators have a clear view of the arena.

  3. Safety: Proper seating ensures that spectators and horses are safe. This includes appropriate and safe seating that a horse, if loose, won’t hurt itself.

  4. Atmosphere: Seating also plays a role in creating a lively and engaging atmosphere during work. When spectators are comfortable and can easily see the action, they are more likely to become engaged and feel included in the experience.

Overall, seating is a critical component of the spectator experience and it can greatly impact the enjoyment and safety of those in attendance.

Chairs: Wayfair.


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