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CASE STUDY: Sculpture

“The Watcher” is a project created by Jennifer Azevedo, Creator of Lavender Fields (pictured right) and Elizabeth Hendrix, International Grand Prix Dressage Trainer and Artist (pictured left).

With Lavender Fields core values of sustainability and local resources, combined with a needed centerpiece at the facility, the idea of a driftwood horse sculpture was born. With an eye for art and equine biomechanics, Azevedo & Hendrix locally sourced and hand picked every piece with intention. “The Watcher” took shape over the course of August through October. He stands approximately 17hh and required a warmblood size trailer to transport the frame to Lavender Fields, where he now permanently resides.

“The Watcher” aka “Woody” has created quite a buzz around town as he watches over the facility and all that pass.


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