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FIRE: Generators

Fire season and power outtages are right around the corner with the impending fire season and heat waves. When the power goes out, so does everything that runs off of electricity, like gas stations and water pumps. Be prepared to power your barn with a portable generator.

Gas or Battery?

Most power stations are battery operated (with some even able to recharge using solar energy), while gas power sources are generally known as generators. Gas generators are typically less expensive and provide more energy for a longer period of time, they tend to be noisy and can be used only outside because of toxic carbon monoxide exhaust. Gas generators are a great solution for temporarily restoring power during an outage, but they need fuel and are difficult to move.

Battery-operated power stations, like the ECOFLOW Delta, are often more expensive, but they also come with a slew of benefits. They are more eco-friendly—particularly when powered by solar panels—they’re quiet, and can be safely used indoors. They are rechargeable, up to 1 hour with an electical outlet, and around 4 hours from solar panels. Best of all, they are easy to move, weighing in around 30lbs, and some models are powerful enough to run a Living Quarters.

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