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FIRE: Plan

Here are the main things to know in the case of a wildfire or other natural disaster.

A speedy horse evacuation could be the difference between safety and tragedy.

Before a fire starts, take steps to protect your home and farm.

  1. Remove flammable debris and make sure emergency response vehicles can have easy access to your property.

  2. Plan ahead by creating a horse trailer packing list and pre-packing some grab-and-go horse supplies. Link for printable checklist here.

  3. Teach your horses how to load safely onto the trailer. If you are not able to trailer your horses away from your farm, put identification information on their body and set them loose so they can run from the danger.

  4. Find a safe refuge location where you can go if you need to evacuate your horses.

  5. Keep your horse trailer in good condition and perform regular upkeep and maintenance.

  6. Call your local fire department to perform an inspection. This is a free service that includes:

  • Evacuation plan

  • Safe storage of flammable materials

  • Smoke alarm placement

  • Applicances, heaters and Fans

  • Extension cord use

  • Safety practices around electrical and water

  • Other possible fire hazards

A good plan is the key to safety. Stay safe everyone!

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