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NUTRITION: Inflammation

Recent research has revealed that certain ingredients, when fed in combination with a well-balanced diet, can help to decrease damaging levels of inflammation. Proper nutritional balance keeps systemwide inflammation in check.

Dietary approaches to reducing inflammation will help your horse regain proper tissue function. Here’s more of what to look for from your horse’s diet:

  • Reduce sugar, molasses and starches as much as possible.

  • Avoid soybean, safflower, corn, and wheat germ oils. These ingredients are considered inflammatory fatty acids.

  • Include ground flaxseeds to provide anti-inflammatory omega 3s.

  • Include antioxidants such as vitamins E and C, especially if hay is the predominant forage for your horse.

  • Provide a variety of protein sources to boost overall protein quality. This allows for tissue synthesis and repair. High end protein sources include peas and alfalfa.

  • Include a pro and pre-biotic. Prebiotics can influence the production of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, resulting in less inflammation.

  • Choose beet pulp or hay pellets as carriers for supplements.

  • Test your hay for sugar content and soak if necessary.

Pink Rose Organix Equine Boost & Balance is a USDA Certified Organic feed for an optimized digestive system and healthy hindgut. A delicious, prescriptive blend of organic proteins, oils, and fiber that works with your pasture or hay to boost digestive efficiency and balance the diet. Boost & Balance focuses on hindgut function; driving animal health, attitude, and positive, cool energy!


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