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Because it’s a small space with a lot of foot traffic in and out, you may find that your trailer gets messy fast. But a little bit of tidying goes a long way, and there’s no better feeling than having a clean ride.

  1. Strip the Stalls and Remove the Mats: Scrub the floor and walls. Scrub the mats outside. Let everything dry before putting it back together again.

  2. Fridge, Freezer, and Cabinets: Take out everything from your fridge, freezer, and cabinets. This is a good time to check expiration dates on cans, boxes, and bottles and dispose of anything past its prime.

  3. Fixtures and Surfaces: Spray and wipe down all surfaces. In the kitchen, focus on countertops, tables, and exteriors of appliances, like your microwave, stove, and oven. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside of your cabinets, too.

  4. Air Vents and Filters: Over time, vents can accumulate both dust and debris. Most air filters can be taken outside and hosed in a matter of seconds, giving you fresh air in a snap.

  5. Window Screens: Use a vacuum attachment to clean your window screens while they’re in place. Take your screens out and give them a good spray with a hose to dislodge fluff, old bugs, and general ickiness from your windows.

  6. Floor: When you live close to nature, sweeping your trailer out becomes a daily task. The moment you’ve swept, there’s dirt on the floor again. Every so often, give your floors a deep clean by sweeping thoroughly and mopping. Be sure to target all the corners and crannies to really get the job done.

  7. Natural Cleaner: Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle for a non-toxic cleaner that cuts through grime and loosens dirt, all thanks to its natural acidity.

  8. Exterior: Take a broom to the roof, and sweep down any old leaves or twigs from the tops of your slide-outs. If you’re going for a full top-to-bottom shine, give your tires a quick clean with a spray-on tire cleaner.

  9. Freshwater Tank: Giving your freshwater tank a good flushing can make a big difference in your water, especially if your trailer gets used sporadically. First, open up the valve to let your tank empty onto the ground. Then, run a clean hose to add water into your tank, letting it run out the other side. This will push any wayward minerals or debris out. If you need, use a special freshwater tank sanitizer.


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