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There is nothing better than food cooked over an open fire. Grilling outside is a treat and here are some tips to get your grill on while on the road:

Build a correct fire with hard and seasoned wood

  • Use the right tools, iron skillets, grates, heat mits, etc.

  • Aluminum foil is a necessity

  • Food prep prior to makes life easier

  • Keep food over the wood coals, not the flames

  • Keep food moving around to ensure even grilling

  • Be patient

  • Have water, sand, and/or a fire extinguisher on hand - just in case

Although grilling over an open fire takes more time, the time is well spent. Nowadays, there are a plethora of foldable and portable wood burning grills. Enjoy the grill from your trailer this show season. The food is worth it.

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