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TRAILER: Maintain


  • Run Your Generator: Gas goes bad after about a month, keep it moving through the motor.

  • Top Off Batteries: Be sure to use only distilled water if you plan to top off your batteries’ water levels.

  • Clean The A/C: Vacuum and clean vents.

  • Test Safety Equipment: Check smoke, carbon monoxide and other battery-powered detectors or safety equipment.

  • Keep Pests Out: Check for any loose, abroaded, or any access points to get in.

  • Care For Slideouts: Lubricate the mechanism to help them move in and out smoothly and protect against rust or corrosion.

  • Check Your Seals: Take a look at exterior sealants and re-seal any voids, cracks or separation.


  • Deep Clean: Winterize or perform a deep cleaning.

  • Inspect: Periodically inspect for damage, and any potential entry points for rodents, birds or insects.

  • Wax On: Increase paint longevity with a great coat of wax..

  • Filter Your Water: Every 6-8 weeks, pour a half cup of bleach into the fresh water tank, fill, let sit a day and run it through the lines.

  • Weigh It: Head to a local weigh station to ensure you are not over the load limit.

  • Examine Tires: Checking tire pressure and wear and tear is a critical part of staying safe.

  • Check Your Seals: Take a look at your exterior seals, especially roof seals.

  • Treat Metals: Apply a gentle lubricant to areas where metal rubs on metal like the hitch, leveling jacks or entry steps.


  • Keep Track: Maintenance records tell a story.

  • Stay Cool: Have your heating and cooling systems professionally tuned up.

  • Service Brakes: Keep them working properly. You need them.

  • Test Safety Equipment: Vacuum carbon monoxide and smoke detector covers, wash them with a lightly dampened cloth, dry and test (replace if not functioning as intended). Inspect Propane: Inspect your tank and test for leaks once a year, or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first.

  • Check Your Seals: Since seal “lifetimes” and environmental factors vary, it’s recommended to review these and consider resealing the key exterior areas.


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