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WATER: Grounding

A properly working electric fence is a safe way to create enforceable boundaries for your hores. An electric fence, properly installed and functioning, is a great way to keep your

horses safe from themselves and others.

But, what does water have to do with grounding an electric fence?

This time of year, the ground is dry...very dry. The grounding of an electric fence is what actual carries the current through the fence. Without water in the ground, the grounding rod will not work. Thus, your electric fence is dead.

Here are some ways to fix your grounding:

  • Water your grounding rod like you would a plant.

  • Install more grounding rods.

  • Install deeper grounding rods (6+ feet deep).

  • Install 3 feet of grounding rod per joule produced by your energizer (joules will be listed on your energizer).

  • Do not install ground rods within 50 feet of a utility ground rod, buried telephone line or buried metal water line, as they may pick up stray voltage.

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