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WATER: Splashers

It is the middle of summer. Heat wave of over 100° for the past 7 days...and the stall is

flooded?! Thankfully, the rubber duckie was not harmed.

I am not going to pretend to have the answer here. Case in point, our beloved resident, still experimenting, and lovingly called by his mother “Wreck it Ralph”. Ralph has flooded his stall numerous times. Ralph is a big time splasher. With horses, splashing becomes an obsessive behavior, harmful to their hooves, their habitat, and a waste of water.

Although, I don’t have the answer, I do have some suggestions. With splashers, it is a trial and error process. And, mostly error. Here are a few things to try.

  • Elevated water trough (18-36”)

  • Tall garbage can (secured)

  • Water bucket in a water bucket that is bolted to the wall with handles secured

  • Hot wire around the water

  • Obstacles in the water (think slow feeder)

  • No crib spray on rims

We are currently using a bucket in a bucket system. So far, so good.


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