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Lavender Fields is located in the heart of over 30 professional facilities and Folsom Lake Trails. Every person, at every facility, has to pass the FLAG PARK on their way to their barn, trails, show, feed store or freeway.


Located on the only thoroughfare for the area, your "billboard" will receive exposure and views 365 days a year regardless of weather, or circumstance. Your brand will wave at over 1.2 million people every month, without fail.

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Consumers start their purchasing journey with brands online for research and inspiration. An astonishing 66% of those engaging customers will go to a showroom to see the product in person, then return home to place the order online.

Get your brand placed front and center in our showroom. The showroom allows for visitors to see your brand in action and to create trust in the products. 

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With the Sacramento International Horse Show, Tevis Cup, Horse Expo, CDS Championships, California State Fair, to name a few, the area is a mecca for high end targeted clientele to experience, see, touch, smell your product in an organic atmosphere.

  • 85% are women

  • 86% have a college degree or higher

  • Average income is $254,236

  • Average net worth of $955,000

  • 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work

  • The market value of the average home is $800,000

  • 22% own two or more homes

  • Average 30 nights per year in a hotel

  • Own 3 vehicles

  • 40% own a farm; 66% of those are 10 acres or more

  • Own an average of 4 horses

  • Compete at least 6 times per year

  • Spends $16,000 per year on equine-related purchases

Contact us for a media kit and pricing.

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"We have a bright future in this area! You are great to work with!"


John, Pink Rose Organix

"I have had the pleasure to work with Jennifer and we are so impressed with her lovely facility and Lavender Fields Magazine. A great opportunity for folks to advertise your business"


Cynthia, GGT Footing

"We love being a part of the vision of Lavender Fields!"

Kelly, W/O

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