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Owner Operator

Jennifer is the owner and operator of Lavender Fields. An Adult Amateur, Jen and her self produced mare, Fara,  earned a USDF Bronze Medal in 2022. She has traveled the Jumper circuit on the East and West Coasts, and worked for well known and regarded facilities in Rhode Island, Kentucky, Sacramento, and Granite Bay. Jen's qualifications include:

  • AA Equine Management

  • BS Organizational Behavior with MN Horticulture

  • Permaculture Designer



Caretaker Extraordinaire

Nick has a way with the horses. They love him. Maybe it is because he feeds them, cleans up after them, and provides them with fresh water. Either way, his calming and stalwart presence is invaluable.

Nick graduated CSU Sacramento in 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. He also is a broadcaster and analyst for E-Sports.

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Liz has her USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals and an Instructor Certification through Fourth Level. As a seasoned professional, she was long listed for the US Team, trained in Europe, won numerous National and Regional awards. She represented the US at the NAYRC twice and has competed at Grand Prix internationally. As an instructor she has produced clients and horses that have earned their USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. Her record speaks for itself.

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Vermin Extractor

Rey is a female German Pinscher that runs a tight ship. She keeps the property in check with regards to snakes, lizards, mice, and more. With her incredible nose and pinpoint prey drive, she makes sure it is a safe environment for us all.


Sara Aitchison

"The consistency in care and training has allowed my horse and I to improve more than I thought possible."

Mandy Heilson

"We feel blessed to have found this lovely facility for our horse. The owner Jen has been so amazing!"

Jen Long

"A wonderful, thoughtful facility with top notch care for your equine family member."


At Lavender Fields, our all inclusive pricing includes the following services:

  • Feeding 3x per day

  • Grain up to 3x per day including medication provided

  • Cleaning 2x per day

  • Blanketing when temperatures allow

At Lavender Fields, we discuss your horse, its nutrition, and desired body condition. Because every horse is different, every horse is fed individually. Every meal is weighed and fed accordingly. We feed 100% tested, weed free, dust free, and debris free grass hay pellets.


Feeding times are 7am, noon, and 5pm. 

For research and information regarding the benefits of grass hay pellets, click here.

All horses have 100+ gallon water troughs that are maintained and cleaned regularly. We have found they drink more water with this system.

Paddock: $580 p/mo + feed at CMV
Pasture: $480 p/mo + feed at CMV

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