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ARTIST: Donna DeMari


Thanks to kindness of Jen Azevedo and this beautiful publication, Lavender Fields, I appreciate this opportunity to speak about India.

It was not just Breaking Dust, the Marwari photographic project I was dedicated to, that brought me back year after year. It was the gentle and gracious spirit of the Indian people and the unpredictable magic that is everyday India. India is a land unlike any other.

It is an extraordinary country with the kindest of people and now, in dire need of our help.

At this moment, India is facing one of the greatest tragedies in it’s history. As one of the largest manufacturers of the vaccine, it is not known exactly why the vaccine distribution was so late in coming but as a result, this second wave is devastating the population. There are deaths in every second household.

I would ask everyone to open their hearts and prayers to India. Donate with abandon if you can afford to. And when the country is healthy again - travel there. Support the economy. It will become one of the highlights of your lifetime.

I lead photo tours throughout India together with I can guarantee a most extraordinary time even on horseback.

Also, throughout the month of June, I will donate 50% from the sale of any of my equine photographs towards supporting 25 families I know personally who have been without work for the past 16 months.

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