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BARN: Bedding

With so many options in bedding, it is time to ask if wood shavings are the best choice. Considering the current lumber shortage, should we continue to use wood shavings? Here are some fast facts to consider with shavings.

Most lumber in the US is imported from Canada and tariffed.

Fire and beetles have diminished the supply.

Shavings produced from 1 tree will bed your stall for 3 weeks. That same tree takes 25-30 years to grow.

Shavings come wrapped in single use plastic film. This film has to be taken to specific film recyclers in order to be recycled. It is not accepted in curbside recycling programs.

What are your alternatives? Check your area for alternative bedding that is produced in your area - source locally. For example, in California, we produce the following that could be used for bedding:

Oat and Wheat Straw

Rice Hulls

Corn Cobs


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