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BARN: Waterer or Buckets?

Automatic waterer advantages:

  • Don’t have to fill.

Automatic waterer disadvantages:

  • Easy to break.

  • Tricky to clean.

  • Leak.

  • Can’t measure how much your horse is drinking.

  • If your horse needs water additives to entice drinking, the dilution will never be correct in an automatic waterer.

  • If your horse is a hay dunker,it gets very messy.

Water bucket advantages:

  • You can measure how much the horses are drinking.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Easy to transport to shows.

  • Easy to mix electrolytes or vinegar in the proper dilutions.

  • Easy to have a separate hay dunking bucket away from the drinking buckets.

Water bucket disadvantages:

  • More wasted water (use the water for plants or other uses).

  • It requires work.

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