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FIRE: Accessibility

Facility design can either inhibit or promote fire. Emergency accessibility for ingress and egress is critical.


  • Ensure that all roads and bridges providing access to the property and between buildings are large enough for emergency vehicles.

  • Contact your local fire department to ensure that you meet any requirements for property and identify problem areas.

  • Place buildings at least 50 to 100 feet away from the stable. The 100-foot distance reduces the chance of fire spreading from building to building through radiation. The 50-foot gap between buildings provides access for fire-fighting equipment.

  • The ground around all buildings should be compacted or sturdy enough to support the weight of heavy equipment, such as a fire truck, during wet conditions.

  • Ensure an ample water supply for fire hoses with a hydrant, water tank, or pond. Hoses can deliver 250 gallons of water per minute.


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