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FIRE: Breaks

Firebreaks are strips of bare soil or fire retarding vegetation meant to stop or control fire.

Here are some tips and thoughts to install a firebreak:

When possible take advantage of natural or man-made barriers such as roads, ponds, etc.

Firebreaks may be temporary or permanent and can be fire-resistant vegetation, nonflammable materials, bare ground, or a combination of these.

Make sure the firebreaks are of an adequate width. Usually a 10 ft. wide strip will stop creeping, ground fires.

Take steps to avoid creating unwanted soil erosion.

Make it beautiful and useful, like a hack trail or an allée. For example, Italian Cypress is noted as one of the most fire resistant trees.

The major costs involved may include:

  • Clearing the firebreak strip

  • Blading, disking or plowing a firebreak

  • Hand tools to control vegetation

  • Hauling controlled vegetation

  • Mowing

  • Labor

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. No one wants a fire.

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