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Research shows a direct link between proper trace mineral nutrition and hoof integrity. Zinc, copper and manganese in particular have direct ties to joint, skeleton and hoof condition. Research also shows that feeding highly bioavailable minerals as part of a balanced trace mineral program helps improve hoof integrity and decrease the incidence of lameness. An appropriate blend of efficiently absorbed zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt provides a more balanced diet and maximizes the potential performance of the horse.

Zinc has the largest impact in terms of minerals on hoof quality. It has many different roles in cell replication and plays a major role in the process of cornification — turning protein into hoof horn.

While people always focus on zinc, copper is also important. Zinc helps in the process of building the keratin proteins, but we also need adequate copper to form these necessary proteins. These two minerals work together in a symbiotic fashion. Even if you have a lot of zinc, those bridges are not built if copper levels are inadequate.

Manganese is another important trace mineral for hoof health. It comes into play in the final phases of taking live cells and creating the hard outer hoof capsule. It also has a role in some of the lipids that are produced, which are an important part of that outer hoof wall layer that provides a healthy waterproof barrier.

Selenium is the other cornerstone for hoof health. If this trace mineral is lacking, or there is too much of it, the hoof will not be strong and healthy. Since it is needed in such small amounts, we sometimes see horses that get too much selenium.

Research has shown that there is an advantage for hoof growth during the first 120 days of feeding the proper levels of bioavailable minerals found in PRO Series ACHIEVE and


COMING SOON! PRO Series by Pink Rose Organix is a nutrient dense and buildable feed system that utilizes only the best USDA-organic and scientifically proven ingredients to provide your horse with optimal nutrition. PhD formulated, PRO Series ensures your horse is getting the best balance of necessary ingredients for joint protection and immunity, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, fiber digestion and energy metabolism.


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