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Access to salt, specifically a quality mineral salt lick or loose salt, is absolutely essential for horses. Hay and pasture grasses contain little salt, so providing a free-choice salt lick or loose salt helps sodium levels stay balanced and stimulates a horse to keep drinking. Without salt supplementation, some horses won’t consume enough water on their own, and risk becoming dehydrated—which may lead to impaction or other life-threatening problems.

Salt is the most crucial mineral horses require—and most will self-regulate and consume enough to meet their needs without overindulging. Salt is also water-soluble, so a horse naturally balances salt intake by drinking water to flush out any excess. Active horses require 2-4 tbsp. of salt per day. Here are some tips to ensure your horse is getting enough:

  • Granulated salt free choice

  • Mined sea salt free choice

  • A salt rock or lick

  • Add up to 1 tbsp of salt of choice to supplements or grains at meal time(s)

COMING SOON! PRO Series by Pink Rose Organix is a nutrient dense and buildable feed system that utilizes only the best USDA-organic and scientifically proven ingredients to provide your horse with optimal nutrition. PhD formulated, PRO Series ensures your horse is getting the best balance of necessary ingredients for joint protection and immunity, skin and hoof integrity, growth and muscle development, fiber digestion and energy metabolism.

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