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The inside of a horse trailer can easily become 20 degrees warmer than the air temperature outside. Horses working to keep their cool and their balance can quickly become stressed, fatigued and dangerously overheated. To be safe, the trailering temperature cut off is 90 degrees.

Here are more tips to help you keep your horses cool while traveling in hot weather:

Hose the horse off before loading.

Wet down shavings.

Offer soaked hay or alfalfa for the trailer ride.

Open trailer windows and vents.

Do not put on sheets or coolers.

Skip heavy quilts and bandages on legs and go with lighter-weight boots, and/or just bell boots.

If you have to stop on the way, park in a shady spot if possible. Offer the horses water before you set out again.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, unload, hose off, and offer more water.


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