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TRAILER: Keep Cool

Not all trailers, rvs, or hook-us are created equal. Add in the California heat, an aluminum box, and you are in for a hot summer night. Here are some tips to keep cool and add some shade to your home away from home.

  1. Parking orientation. Try to park under a tree. Or, with the door of your LQ facing West. Why? Fewest windows and usually a retractable awning to add additional coverage.

  2. Window Coverings. Windows transfer the most heat. Block them with reflective bubble insulation called Reflectix and lower the nightshades.

  3. Ventilation. Bring in fresh cool air and pump out the warm air by closing off any windows that are on the warm, sunny side and open up the windows that are on the shady side. Then open any roof vents to let the warm air out. Once the sun goes down the outside temps begin to cool open up your storage bays and cupboards and try to vent off the built-up heat

  4. Shade. Umbrellas, EZ Ups, and tarps are easy to store, put up for instant shade, and to move around.

  5. LED Bulbs. LED lamps do warm up a little bit, the regular bulbs are like running little heaters.

  6. Cook outside. Best to try and keep all the cooking heat outdoors.

  7. Swamp Cooler. There are many battery operated, portable, dorm room style, mini swamp coolers on the internet.

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