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TRAILER: Make Your Bed

Tiny spaces aren’t exactly easy to navigate, especially when doing something like making a bed. Here are some tips to keep your bed neat, clean, and pretty.

  1. Layer bottom sheets: When you make your bed, simply put two or three bottom sheets on instead of one. Then, if you need to change sheets, all you have to do is pull off the top layer to reveal a perfectly clean and comfy surface underneath.

  2. Use a Yard Stick: If your mattress is a tight fit or your bedding likes to fall off the foot of the bed, you might find it easiest to tuck the excess with a yard stick (3ft long wooden ruler). This will leave your bed looking as good as a hotel bed.

  3. Switch to wool mattress: These mattresses are super comfortable, but they are also very easy to make. This is because the wool can easily be lifted and folded while wrestling the fitted sheet into place. Bonus, they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  4. Zippered bedding: It’s a thing. Pretty wonderful thing. Google it. :)

  5. Add cozy comforts: A knit blanket is like a giant sweater. Add it to your bed for style and comfort.

  6. Down comforter and duvet: It’s just one of those things that makes more of a difference than you think it will. Sleeping under a beautiful weightless cloud of perfect warmth.

  7. Add pillows: When in doubt, and want more style with comfort, add pillows.

  8. Add curtains: Privacy in tiny spaces is important. Add some curtains and create your own private, comfy hideaway.

  9. Make your bed: Everyday.

A good night sleep has been proven to improve atheletic performance. Sleep helps

everyone to retain and consolidate memories. When athletes practice or learn new skills, sleep helps form memories, and contributes to improved performance in the future. Without sleep, the pathways in the brain that allow you to learn and make memories can’t be formed or maintained. So, get some sleep. You have earned it.


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