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TRAILER: Safety Check

Store these items in the trailer so you always have them on board!

  • Equine First aid kit

  • Spare Tire/Jack/Tire Iron

  • Three emergency triangles/flares

  • Wheel Chocks

  • Flashlight with spare batteries

  • Electrical tape and duct tape

  • Knife for cutting ropes in emergency.

  • Water - 5 - 20 gallons. Enough for drinking, cooling the horse if overheated, or washing of wounds in the event of injury.

  • Buckets/sponge

  • Spare halter and lead rope

  • Spare light bulbs

  • Spare fuses if applicable

  • Fire extinguisher

  • WD-40

  • Broom, shovel, fork, manure disposal bags

  • Insect spray


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