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TRAINING: Saddle Fit

Horse personal preference aside, here is a simple and surefire way to see if your saddle or potential

saddle candidate fits. Not only will it answer the question “Does it fit?”, but can also be a failsafe guide for your saddle fitter to make the correct adjustments.

Make a wither and back tracing. There are several videos online on how to do this properly. Give it a Google, get the proper tools, and follow the instructions.

Use a file folder or cardstock to make your tracings. Place each tracing on a seperate paper.

Cut out each individual tracing.

Place the tracings into your saddle. If the paper interferes, to small, too big, you know your saddle is not quite right.

Give it a try! When you place the tracings into the saddle, you will be able to see the issues...or not.

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