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WATER: Auto Fill

A little water trough hack for you.

Filling water troughs is time consuming and overflow often with a forgotten hose. So, how do you autofill a water trough and still know how much water your horses are drinking?

A typical autofill attaches to the top of the tank and has a bobber that releases water as the water level drops. However, with horses, they love to rip off the autofill and this method doesn’t allow you to know how much they are actually drinking.

Here is the solution. Start with an empty trough.

  1. Unscrew the plug at the bottom of the trough.

  2. Attach a hose. This will allow the trough to fill from the bottom.

  3. Fill the trough. Have your phone timer on and mark the water level on the trough each minute.

  4. Observe. After 24 hours, check how much water your horse has drunk in terms of minutes. This will tell you how many minutes per day to program your timer to fill the trough.

  5. Program your timer and attach. Kink the hose attached to the trough and intall the timer onto the hose and the spigot. My favorite timer is the DIG BO9D.

All set!

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