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Mud, mud, and more mud. Is there really anything you can do or use to drain or eradicate this seasonal problem? The short answer is yes.

The number one reason for mud is improper grading. Improper grading can include low spots and/or not enough slope. This allows for huge puddles that take forever to dry up. No matter what you put on the ground, if improperly graded, it will never work.

Another reason is soil compaction. Horses weigh ALOT. They compact the soil and make it hard as a rock when dry. This leaves nowhere for water to go but to stay and make mud. Aerate the ground in the late spring, when ground is dry and firm enough to hold shape.

Here are some solutions to fix and prevent muddy ground:

  • Grade. Add soil, gravel, mulch in the low spots and properly level the ground with a slope.

  • Aerate. Poking holes in or pulling plugs, which reduces compaction, allows water to drain.

  • Gutters. Install gutters and downspouts to all shelters and buildings to drain water away.

  • French Drains. Installing a French Drain allow you to direct the water where you want it.

  • Dry Well. Creates a spot for the run-off to go and then soak back into the soil.

  • Dry Creek. Finding a large low spot can become aesthetically pleasing with a lovely rock stream.

  • Rain Garden. Plants that love the water will soak it up like sponges and create beautiful focal points.


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