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WATER: Solar Well

Ever loose power and then loose your water? Not anymore.

10 Reasons for a Solar Well.

Easy to install. Seriously, easy. The solar pump, solar panels, and sensors all connect to the controller using screw terminals. Lower the connected pump down into the well and water will start flowing!

Cheap to maintain. There are two items in solar well pump systems which may need occasional maintenance, both of which are very low cost. The solar panels should be given a good scrub with soap and water to ensure maximum performance. Less often, about every 5 years, it is good to replace the pumping mechanisms which can degrade over time and reduce pumping performance.

Easy to maintain. There are very few mechanical components. Solar panels are highly reliable and do not require any maintenance, besides a quick wash every year or two. Brushless motors do not have brushes (hence the name) and therefore require no maintenance. The pumping mechanisms are highly reliable and are easy to replace in the field.

Systems are modular and easy to upgrade. The components that make up solar power well pump systems can be swapped out and upgraded as needed.

Complete systems can be shipped right to your door. Complete solar pump kits can be shipped right to your door in only a matter of days. It only takes two boxes, one for the pump/controller and one for the solar panels, to ship directly to your home or office.

Cheaper than installing main power. Trenching main power to a remote location is costly in both time and money. Solar power systems are capable of pumping water without connecting to main power.

No ongoing operating costs. What better deal exists? The sun shines down and water is pumped up from deep underground, saving you from overpriced utility charges.

Systems are low cost and readily available. Google it.

Solar well pumps are capable of keeping up with well flow. They are made of stainless steal for long steel and feature brushless DC motors that can pump from hundreds of feet down to whatever GPM your well can handle.

No external power required. Pump anywhere! The breakthrough in solar water pumping is that there is no need for an external power source. The sun and the solar panels provide all of the electricity needed to pump water from hundreds of feet underground.

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