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WATER: Usage

Do you know how much water you are using everyday at the barn? Here is an approximate breakdown on how much, on average, water per day:

  • 10-12 gallons per horse for drinking

  • 20 gallons per horse per rinse

  • 900 gallons for arena

  • 4 gallons tack cleaning

  • 15-20 gallons washing machine per load

  • 10-15 clean wash rack

  • 60 gallons per person per day for drinking, sink, toilet, and misc.

That is approximately 1,019-1,031 per day, per horse. Add in more horses, people, and you can see it takes a ton of water to run a facility.

Here are some suggestions to reduce water use:

  • Do a bucket rinse for your horse

  • Add a water retention additive to your arena footing

  • Use a bucket for tack cleaning

  • Do full loads of laundry

  • Sweep the wash rack and spot clean with a bucket of water

  • Repair any leaking hoses or pipes

  • Add a spray nozzle with shut off on hoses

  • Use ice in lieu of cold hosing

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